Department of Biomedical Engineering National Taiwan University



Q: How do I apply for the program? 
A: Please visit the Office of International Affairs website at begin the application process for international students.
Q: How many courses do I need to take to obtain a Master’s Degree in the program?
A: A total of eight 3-unit courses must be completed, of which two are mandatory: Principles of Biomedical Engineering and Anatomical Physiology, the latter of which can be waived if you took a similar course in your undergraduate studies. Master’s students are also required to take the 2-unit Seminar on Biomedical Engineering seminar every semester.
Q: When should I begin looking for an advisor?
A: Since the program places a heavy emphasis on research, you are encouraged to find an advisor as soon as possible. Many Taiwanese students have already chosen their advisors in the summer months preceding the official beginning of the semester, in order to get a head start on their research.
Q: How much Chinese language proficiency do I need to succeed in the program?
A: Although there are many classes in the program offered in English, the core classes (Principles of Biomedical Engineering and Seminar on Biomedical Engineering) are taught in Mandarin Chinese. However, reading material and presentation slides are mostly in English. There are several international students in the program, some with no Chinese language experience at all.
It is also a good idea to talk to several advisors and get an idea of how English-friendly their lab meetings are.
And be sure to ask for help if you need anything! Staff and fellow students are eager to assist you in any way they can.
Q: Where can I find out more about the research being done in the program?
A: For the latest studies being done, go to the faculty page to access the lab’s individual websites. Additionally, the department hosts a bimonthly journal, which can be found on the website.