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Department of Biomedical Engineering, NTU


  1. Journal Papers

    1. Ying-Hou Chen, Fang‑Ying Wang, Yong-Shi Chan, Charles Huang, Yi-You Huang*, Biofabricating Hollow Microneedle Array with Controllable Microstructure for Cell Transplantation", Journal of Biomedical Materials Research: Part B - Applied Biomaterials. 2022, (Accepted)
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    12. Hung-Jun Lin, Weu Wang, Yi-You, Huang, Wei-Tsen Liao, Ting-Yu Lin, Shyr-Yi Lin, and Der-Zen Liu, Decellularized Lymph Node Scaffolding as a Carrier for Dendritic Cells to Induce Anti-Tumor Immunity, MDPI Pharmaceutics 2019, 11, 553; doi:10.3390/pharmaceutics11110553.
    13. Menq-Rong Wu, Yi-You, Huang, Jong-Kai Hsiao, Role of sodium taurocholate cotransporting polypeptide as a new reporter and drug-screening platform: Implications for preventing hepatitis B virus infections, Mol Imaging Biol (2019)
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    16. Hung-Jun Lin, Tsung-Jen Wang, Ting-Wei Li, Yao-Yuan Chang, Ming-Thau Sheu, Yi-You, Huang*, Der-Zen Liu*, Development of Decellularized Cornea by Organic acid Treatment for Corneal Regeneration, Tissue Engineering A, 2019, 25:652–662.
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    24. Lien-Chen Wu, Yi-Jie Kuo, Fu-Wen Sun, Chia-Hsien Chen, Chang-Jung Chiang, Pei-Wei Weng, Yang-Hwei Tsuang, Yi-You, Huang*, Optimized decellularization protocol including α-Gal epitope reduction for fabrication of an acellular porcine annulus fibrosus scaffold. Cell and Tissue Banking. 2017 DOI 10.1007/s10561-017-9619-4.
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  2. Conference Papers

    1. Yi-Cheng Huang, Chun-Chieh Huang, Hwa-Chang Liu, Yi-You Huang, “Manufacture of porous polymer nerve conduits by lyophilizing and wire-heating process”, Annual Conference of Biomedical Engineering Society of the ROC. Tainan, 2004
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  3. Books and Chapter in Book

    1. 黃義侑, 2002, 生物醫學材料 / 黃盈錦主編;林峰輝等合著 第十三章 血液相關材料 第十四章 藥物及生物活性物質的釋放, 合記出版社, Taipei
  4. Technological Transfer and Others

    1. 生物相容性評估國家標準制度 第二部份:社會福利法規
  5. Patents

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      發明第 200412373 號    
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