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Department of Biomedical Engineering, NTU


2024-04-23Sports Technology 運動科技2024-05-01
2024-04-16Developing Scanning Probes as Redox Sensor Integrated Micro-robotic Arm開發探針作為微型機械手臂感測器2024-04-18
2024-04-02The Essence of the Internet Economy 網路經濟的本質2024-04-18
2024-03-26Active nanomaterials for cancer therapy2024-04-02
2024-03-19"Small talk skills" may be the most practical soft skill you need for your career 「閒聊力」可能是你職涯最實用的軟技能2024-03-21
2024-03-12CMOS-Based Field-Effect Biochemical Sensing Device2024-03-13
2024-03-05Modelling and Control in Anaesthesia2024-03-06
2024-02-27Brain Repair Through Advancing Innovative Nanotechnologies (BRAIN)2024-03-05
2024-02-20Introduction of EBM PACS on FHIR2024-03-05
2023-11-21Bio-inspired Bipolar Ionic Interfaces and Membranes - Molecular Design, Biocompatible Functionality, Medical Applications, and Startup Companies 仿生兩性離子界面與薄膜- 『分子設計、生物惰性功能、醫療應用、與新創公司』2023-11-26
2023-11-14Translational Neuroimage in Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI)2023-11-26
2023-11-07Artificial Intelligence Applications in Traditional Chinese Medicine's Four Diagnoses 人工智慧在中醫四診的應用2023-11-10
2023-10-312023/10/31 Seminar Photo 攝影分享2023-11-10
2023-10-17Stem cell secretome and regeneration medicine 幹細胞分泌體與再生醫學2023-10-19
2023-10-03What is Brain-Computer Interface(BCI)? 何謂腦機介面?2023-10-11
2023-09-12Exploring the Business Models and Development of the Domestic Medical Device Industry 探討國內醫材產業經營模式與發展2023-09-21
2023-09-19Ultrasound Applications in Neurosurgery 超音波於神經外科手術的應用2023-09-21
2023-09-05Overview of Resources at the Student Support Center 學輔中心資源介紹2023-09-21
2023-09-05Environmental Health and Safety Seminar 環安衛講習2023-09-21
2023-05-30Recent advances of microneedles for biomedical applications2023-06-13
2023-04-25Confinement as a Tool to Drive Stem Cell and Cancer Mechanobiology2023-05-03
2023-04-18Clinical Applications of Cerebral Blood Flow Simulations in Health and Disease2023-05-03
2023-03-28Exploration on the mechanism of calcium signaling on mitochondrial fission and cell death using optogenetics 運用光遺傳學探討鈣離子對粒線體分裂之與細胞死亡之機制探討2023-04-07
2023-03-21Engineering Next-Generation Adeno-Associated Viral Vectors (AAV) for Therapeutic Gene Delivery in Central Nervous System2023-03-23
2023-03-14Immunomodulatory Materials Engineering 調節免疫系統的材料工程2023-03-23
2023-03-07Rediscovery of Extracellular Vesicles-Big and Small EVs2023-03-23
2023-02-21Introduction of EBM PACS on FHIR2023-03-23
2022-11-22Experience Sharing: How Biomedical Engineers Go from Establishing a Company to Taking It Public 醫工人如何從創立公司到公司上櫃的經驗分享2022-11-24
2022-11-15Healthy brain aging: from bench to market2022-11-24
2022-11-08The tentative title of the speech: Small Animal 3D Blood Vessel Imaging System Using NIR-II Fluorescence and Photoacoustic Imaging 小動物3D血管造影系統-近紅外光二區+光聲影像2022-11-24
2022-10-18New Perspectives & Regulations on Medical Equipment Management 醫療器材管理新思維與法規2022-11-24
2022-11-01Medical Library Services & Resources Overview 醫學圖書館服務與資源介紹2022-11-24
2022-10-04Innovation with a Gender Perspective 性別化創新2022-11-24
2022-10-11Development of Tau-PET Tracer florzolotau (18F) (18F-APN-1607)—A Tortuous Journey and Its Potential Clinical Impacts2022-11-24
2022-09-27Cardiovascular MRI: From Animal to Human Study2022-11-24
2022-09-20Targetable Nanotherapeutics for Oral Combination Treatment against Colon Cancer2022-11-24
2022-09-13Application of Wearable sensors with Interactive Virtual Reality in Assessing the Rehabilitation Efficacy 運用穿戴量測器結合互動虛擬實境於復健訓練的效益評估2022-11-24