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Department of Biomedical Engineering, NTU


Chao-Yuan Joe Yeh

Adjunct Specialist Professor

Office   葉肇元
Contact Information  
Research Laboratory  
Alma Mater
  • National Taiwan University College of Medicine, M.D. in Medicine, 2000-2007
  • University of Southern California, Ph.D. Candidate in Pathology, 2009-Present
Curriculum Vitae
  • Student Researcher, National Taiwan University, 2004-2005
  • Intern, National Taiwan University Hospital, 2006-2007
  • Medical Officer, Taiwanese Army, 2007-2008
  • Research Assistant, National Tsing-Hua University, 2008-2009
  • Ph.D. Candidate, University of Southern California, 2009-Present
  • CEO, aetherAI, 2015-Present
  • Chairman, aetherAI, 2018-Present
  • Industry Lecturer, National Cheng-Kung University, 2018
  • Board Director, Digital Pathology Association, 2020-Present
  • Adjunct Specialist Professor, Dept. of Biomedical Engineering, NTU, 2021-Present
Research Interests
  • Medical imaging
  • Diagnostic software systems
  • Computer Vision and Deep Learning
  • 2-Photon Microscopy
  • 2-Photon Ratiometric Forster Resonance Energy Transfer Imaging
  • Light-Sheet Microscopy
  • Light-Sheet Optical Projection Tomography
  • Culturing Cells and Tissue
  • Molecular Cloning
  • Retrovirus Preparation
  • Applications of Deep Learning in Medical Imaging
  • Principles and Applications of Regenerative Medicine